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    Training Coordinator
    Christian Dube

    The Hidden Careers of Stationary Engineering

    Stationary Engineers are needed wherever boilers, diesel engines and electric motors, refrigeration, generators, pumps, operational systems and compressors are used in a fixed location - hence the term stationary.

    Stationary Engineers, sometimes referred to as Operating Engineers, Building Engineers, Steam Engineers, Maintenance Engineers, HVAC Mechanics, etc., can learn their job skills through years of work experience without graduating from a formal apprenticeship program.

    A better way to learn and earn the above skills is through one of our exceptional Apprenticeship programs.

    Stationary Engineers (a four-year program) acquire their skills through a formal Washington State approved apprenticeship program. While working with journey-level engineers for the on-the-job training component apprentices must also complete their classroom obligations. Stationary Engineers work in hospitals, hotels, high-rise buildings, breweries, and bakeries, etc.

    Along with the traditional boiler and refrigeration operation training and licensing, apprentices also learn about direct digital controls and many other building and manufacturing systems.

    We have two other apprenticeship programs that complement our Stationary Engineer program. They are Facilities Maintenance Mechanics and Warehouseman.

    Our second program and the first one in the State of Washington, and our most active program serving fifty apprentices, is called Facilities Custodial Services Technician apprenticeship program. A Facilities Custodial Services Technician usually works in, but not exclusively, public school settings. In this two-year program, an apprentice learns limited building maintenance, facilities operation, care, and cleaning. Apprentices work with journey-level technicians for their on-the-job training component and must complete their classroom obligations.

    In addition, we also offer a two-year Gardener Maintenance Specialist apprenticeship program.

    We also provide journey-level training classes so that everyone can broaden their skills and become more valuable to themselves and their employer.

    For more specific information about any or all of our programs,
    please feel free to call 253-351-0184.
    Office hours are
    8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.
    Email address: aprnyes@comcast.net

    Sep 12, 2018


    Call (425) 235-2352 for more information and registration.

    Boiler Operator Licensing 1&2             Harder

    TTH                5:30pm to 9:30pm                 7 cr

    Start 09/18/18                               End 12/16/18

    Boiler Operator Licensing 3 & 4           Carroll

    Sat                  8:00am to 4:30pm                 7 cr

    Start 09/22/18                               End 12/01/18

    Boiler Operator Lab                             Harder

    M/W               5:30pm to 9:30pm                 5 cr

    Start 09/17/18                               End 12/05/18

    Boiler Operator Refresher                    Chapin

    Sat                 10:00am to 6:30pm              8 hrs

    Start 11/10/18                               End 11/10/18

    Start 12/01/18                               End 12/01/18

    Welding                                               Nguyen           

    Sat                  8:00am to 2:30pm                 4 cr                       

    Start 09/22/18                               End 12/01/18

    Forklift Training                                  Haeckl

    Th/Sat             5:00pm to 9:00pm                 1 cr

    Start 09/20/18                               End 09/29/18           

    TTH               6:00pm to 10:00pm             3.5 cr

    Start 09/19/18                               End 12/07/18

    Introduction to Welding                                              Forrester

    M/W           6:00pm to 9:00pm 1 cr

    Start 09/17/18                               End 12/05/18

    T/TH             6:00pm to 10:00pm             1-3 cr

    Start 09/18/18                               End 12/06/18


    Call 253-680-7402 for more information.

    Operating Engineers Class Grade I & II

    Sat                  8:00am to 4:00pm                 6 cr

    Start 09/29/18                               End 01/12/19

    Boiler Fireman Class III & IV

    Sat                  8:00am to 4:00pm                 6 cr

    Start 09/29/18                               End 01/12/19

    Boiler Operator Refresher

    None for Fall Quarter

    Sustainable Custodial Housekeeping

    Sat                  8:00am to 2:30pm             72 hrs

    Start 09/29/18                               End 12/15/18

    Basic Computer Skills

    Sat                  8:00am to 1:00pm             20 hrs

    Start 10/06/18                               End 10/27/18

    Basic HVAC 1

    Sat                  8:30am to 3:00pm                 7 cr

    Start 09/29/18                               End 12/15/18

    Basic Electricity

    Sat                  8:00am to 1:00pm             40 hrs

    Start 09/29/18                               End 12/08/18

    Business Negotiation &

    Collaboration On-Line

    Arranged Dates/Times

    Start 09/10/18

    Welding, Basic

    Sat                  8:00am to 2:30pm             20 hrs

    Start 09/29/18                               End 10/28/18

    Introduction to Leadership & Skills

    Arranged date and time

    Start 09/10/18              

    Electrical Trainee Classroom Part 1

    T/TH              5:30pm to 9:30pm             12 hrs

    Start 10/02/18                               End 10/09/18

    Electrical Trainee Classroom Part 2

    T/TH              5:30pm to 9:30pm             12 hrs

    Start 10/23/18                               End 10/20/18

    Flagger Training Course

    Fri                  8:00am to 4:00pm                 1 cr

    Start 09/28/18                               End 09/28/18

    Start 11/16/18                               End 11/16/18

    Start 12/27/18                               End 12/27/18


    Keyboarding Online                                       

    Arranged days and times

    Start 09/24/18                               End 12/12/18

    Bonding & Grounding Circuits for Trainees

    And Journey Level                                         

    Sat                  8:00am to 4:30pm                 8 hr

    Start 11/17/18                               End 11/17/18                       

    National Electrical Code Update for Trainees

    And Journey Level

    Sat                  8:00am to 4:30pm               8 hrs

    Start 10/20/18                               End 10/20/18

    RCW/WAC Review for Trainees & Journeymen

    Sat                  8:00am to 4:30pm               8 hrs

    Start 12/08/18                               End 12/08/18

    Leadership I online

    Arranged Days and Hours

    Start 09/24/18                               End 12/12/18

    Flagger Training

    Sat                  8:00am to 4:30pm               8 hrs

    Start 09/15/18                               End 09/15/18

    Forklift Training

    Sat`                 8:00am to 4:30pm               8 hrs

    Start 09/08/18                               End 09/08/18

    For more information contact:

    Christian Dube, Training Coordinator






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